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Notice You can use ”ROUTE247” on the mobile Web!

Manager|2017. 08. 22 19:06:46

Hello, travelers.

We are pleased to announce the announcement in a long time.

Let me brief you about the announcement .....

You can now use 'ROUTE247' on the mobile web!

We have been supporting mobile apps only on iPhone ...

The ROUTE247 website is only available for PC ...
I have received a lot of complaints (Android users ... ㅜ ㅜ) and requests to develop apps for Android.

And while I do not do any marketing, I see a growing number of members, 

and even though I'm seeing an ever-increasing travel plan, I'm offering mobile web services.

(it 's not to say that you are not going to see an unlisted travel plan ... nobody can see private content!)


Here are you can use now:
1. Mobile service is supported automatically according to the connected device without needing to access the mobile site separately.
2. By using standardized technology, you can use it smoothly in all devices.
3. Main features of existing Route 247 are retained, but improved to be best used on mobile.

But the this mobile web service is now in the first public release, yet there is still a shortage.
If you have any inconveniences or improvements while using the mobile web service, please feel free to send us your comments on our support email.

Thank you.